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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great engineering resumes: Part 6 - Final Thoughts

When a job opening is posted to the public at large, they are typically advertised in some way so that as many qualified applicants as possible can know about it’s existence. What follows from this is that a ton of people will be sending in resumes just like you. Somebody will have to whittle the list of candidates down to some manageable number to bring in for interviews. The sole purpose of your resume is to convince the people making that decision that you are worthy of more serious consideration. Resumes with formatting, punctuation, or spelling mistakes quickly put your chances in the trash. Experience descriptions that are vague or not at all related to the work the person who gets the job would actually have to do won’t get you through to the next round either.

With Yate’s help, or some other text of your choosing, put together a resume that gives you a chance to be brought in for a more detailed conversation. Show clear and creative writing you are capable of while helping the reader answer one of the two key questions. This gives you a chance to present yourself in person and land the job you want that helps you build a satisfying career.


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posted by Pete Johnson @ 1:17 PM   1 comments


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Thom said...


I agree only the past few jobs are relevant today, especially if those jobs were 20 years ago.

I like these kinds of advise posts, but people need to see some real life examples. Books are OK, but most are so generic, and dated too. Maybe some of your readers would be willing to give us a link to their winning resume? What about yours Pete?


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