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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Hard Rock Hotel from a 5-year olds point of view

When we were planning our annual pilgrimage to Orlando last year, we were considering making a stop at the Universal Resort in addition to our usual time spent at Walt Disney World. In the process, I was reminded of something I run into at work all the time, but in a much cuter story. Namely:

Don't assume everyone has the same context on a decision that you do.

Like a lot of people, my wife and I started our search online. Universal's Orlando Resort features the movie-making oriented Universal Studios theme park, the thrill ride slanted Islands of Adventure, and an elaborately themed shopping district called City Walk. Also on the property are three different hotels and we spent a big part of our early reading on the different amenities at the Royal Pacific Resort, the Portofino Bay Hotel, and the Hard Rock Hotel.

Our then 5-year old daughter was in the room as we were discussing the different aspects of the hotels when she announced:

"I don't want to stay at that Hard Rock Hotel."

When we asked her why, she said:

"It doesn't sound very comfortable."

Maybe that marketing manager doesn't understand the technology like you do or perhaps you just used some slang term that your colleague who was raised in a different country from you doesn't understand, but it's all the same as this situation here. Without a shared context, someone might jump to a conclusion you don't expect. Try hard to establish that common point of view and things will flow more smoothly.


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