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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Troubleshooting Techniques: Final Thoughts

A great bullet point to be able to place on your performance evaluation reads something like this:

"Led the team of people that solved the Tractor Beam escalation, which was costing the company $X per day in schedule slippage, and communicated progress to a wide variety of upper management personnel throughout the troubleshooting process."

Something like this speaks for itself and shows you to be a valuable commodity as someone who can save the day, setting you apart from the people you are being compared with for rewards. Demonstrating a knack for troubleshooting tends to help you develop a reputation. The more you are successful at it, the more often you will be asked to become involved in them.

While that does come with its pressures it also brings its rewards, the least of which is a strong statement to be able to make to your boss when it is time to pass out raises. It can lead to something more immediate too, like being first in line for personal equipment upgrades. Regardless, performing well under these kinds of circumstances demonstrates you to be a knowledgeable and dependable employee who truly defines grace under pressure.


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