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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Troubleshooting Techniques: Introduction

When something breaks somebody needs to fix it and when they do gratitude is typically sent in that person’s direction. The very nature of engineering is to create new things. During this process, the creations are inevitably passed around to different people during design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing phases. As products progress through these steps (or whatever sequence is used in your specific situation), it is rare that everything goes smoothly.

As such, something will break along the way, somebody will receive accolades for fixing them, and those kudos will appear on that persons performance evaluation. It might as well be you. Few things enhance a work reputation like being the person who fixes broken stuff. This series examines the essential attributes of successful troubleshooting as well as provides a common set of steps to increase the odds of finding a solution as quickly as possible.


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At 3:53 PM, Blogger Pete Johnson said...

Jed Daniels over at has a nice extension to some of the ideas in this guide here:

His advice: DEFINE THE PROBLEM FIRST. That's a great point. Unless everyone agrees on what it is you are trying to solve, you're bound to have trouble when you think you've fixed it and others don't share that opinion.


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