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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PowerPoint Tactics: Part 8 - Final Thoughts

This series of posts described basic tactics for PowerPoint slides, among the most common forms of business communication. The organization and tone of a presentation plays a critical role in how your thoughts are conveyed to others. Other aspects such as knowing your time and audience, listening to input from others, and being sensitive to cultural boundaries, all contribute to your ability to get others to understand (and hopefully get behind) your ideas.

These techniques form the foundation that lead to achievements you can place on your performance evaluation. Being able to interact with customers (who buy your products), partners (who may be suppliers or retailers that help your company build or sell your products), and upper management (who pay your salary) are accomplishments that distinguish you from your peers. You will never get the chance, though, if you cannot clearly and concisely communicate your visions to anyone.

If you stammer through an oral presentation that goes off on wild tangents and nobody understands what your point was, or if you are the only one who grasps the concepts in your design documentation, you will never have the chance to get yourself in front of anyone significant beyond your own project group. Conversely, if you can present well organized information in both oral and written forms while accepting input from others and clearly articulating key points to others, you will stand out. Your manager will think of you as someone who is comfortable explaining things to others and this will result in the highly sought after interaction opportunities with customers, partners, and upper management that lead go a great performance evaluation.


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posted by Pete Johnson @ 12:37 PM   2 comments


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Carolynn Duncan said...


This is a great resource. We help entrepreneurs get their pitch/powerpoint presentations ready for investors, etc., so this is really helpful-- thanks. :)

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Tony Stieber said...

A really useful feature of PowerPoint is the ability to use a multiple monitor mode, where the presentation slide is shown on the projector screen, and where the slide together with speaker notes is visible only on the laptop.

To use this feature, go to SlideShow>SetupShow and change the settings in the 'multiple monitors' box. You also need to set up the projector to be your primaty monitor with your laptop screen as the secondary monitor using the display settings from the control panel.

Warning: make sure you practice this before the audience shows up!


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