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Monday, January 14, 2008

Contest Winner: Philip Chen!

Congratulations to the winner of the First Annual Blogoversary Scavenger Crossword Contest Spectacular, Philip Chen!

Here's what Philip sent me about himself:

"I'm a hardware/IC design engineer working on networking chips for enterprise switches. I've been working (and living) in Silicon Valley for the past 10 years. I think blogging is one of the most significant and revolutionary things that could have happened in the our new Web 2.0 era. I'm a fan of Web Worker Daily and its articles: I found out about the contest when I was reading Pete's insightful article on 'Get Mad But Don't Get Even - Turn an Insult Into a Favor.' Thanks Pete for the wonderful articles!"

Thanks for the kind words and for the hard work on this, Philip. It took him just over 3 hours, on and off, to complete the puzzle. Somewhere, Dan sighs at missing his chance at the money 8).

Here's his solution:

Besides the admiration of all Nerd Guru readers, for his accomplishment Philip also wins a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Not only did he solve the puzzle (and figure out that Henry Jones, Jr. is more commonly known as "Indiana" for #14 Across), he did so despite my inadvertent misspelling of the answer for #9 Across, which I idiotically spelled "tobbacco". I'm sure that embarrasses my crossword fanatic mother and former spelling bee champion wife as much as it does me 8).

Congratulations to Philip and thanks to everyone else who attempted the contest!

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